Showcasing my collection at a toyfair

Only 2 weeks ago I found out about an Auckland collectables and toy fair, and I was determined from the word go to turn up there and display my stuff. So I looked into it, registered a table and started preparing for the big day. By then I had been collecting for about 6 months and my MOTU collection was around 70% finished. So I thought it was time to show it off to some fellow toy collectors and network a bit.

The entire Saturday was spent unboxing a few more figures that had just arrived from the US and another large package with stuff I bought here in New Zealand. Washing the dirty ones, inventory them all and packing them all up ready to go the next morning.

Washing a few figures

At 6am the next day I hit the road in the deepest fog I have ever been in, and drove nearly 2 hours to the venue. It was pretty exhausting driving in this condition and I am not an early bird in the first place, but I made it. Next to set up table and get ready for the visitors, who arrived sooner than I had even placed all the figures on the table.

2016-07-03 10.52.03.jpg
My table at the toy fair

The morning rush began and quickly I found myself chatting to fellow stall holders, other collectors and visitors of the fair. I was right in my element explaining the figures, raising nostalgic memories in many a person, mesmerising kids by letting my Spydor walk for them and demonstrating the various action features of the figures to people who weren’t familiar.

View at rush hour

I had a few duplicates and leftover spare parts for sale at the end of my table, but ultimately the display of my own collection is where most people stopped to take a look. I received many compliments of the quality and sheer amount of figures. It certainly stood out compared to most other tables, as they had mainly other toys for sale. Anything ranging from Star Wars, batman, GI Joe, comics, random little nic nacs and other things. I think my table was basically the only one that was just a display and not a trade table.

Other toy tables at the fair

I enjoyed getting to know a fellow toy collector crowd, received a lot of tips on collecting and other markets to go to, and it opened my eyes to other toy lines that are also very popular to certain collectors. I told everyone I was specialising in original series MOTU only for now and until I have the entire series complete I won’t be starting other collections.

My display


I have to say I am intrigued though in the MOTU Classics line, they just look so much gruntier than the originals. I think this will be my next line to collect.

The fair was small but cool and I really appreciate the opportunity to get amongst and thank the organisers for running this. It gave me appetite for more, except next time I will go as a visitor, so I can take it all in and have time to wander around and discover other stuff too.

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