Eighties time of my life

This is a fan site on Masters of the Universe for fans and collectors

I started this site, because I wanted a space to share links, images and other resources from the web, which would help me in my search for all MOTU related things and others might find useful too.

I started collecting those figures as a kid in the 80’s, yet then neglected it for more than 2 decades. Since the beginning of 2016 I took up collecting them again and my goal is to complete my childhood set of all original series figures, vehicles and play sets that were released, basically every model that ever came out.

About 3 months into this journey I started to realise that there are certain things so ultra rare, that I will probably not be able to get my hands on them easily and cheaply. Some of the items I never even knew existed when I was a kid. Thankfully there are many collectors and fans out there and they have made the internet a bountiful resource for anything one wants to know about this topic.

I endeavour to scour the internet to find the best and the worst, the most useful and amusing sites out there and create a central place to link them all together. Anything and everything around this topic shall be posted here. Over time I shall build up a collection of resources for collectors and fans.

The aim is to start out by uploading pictures, creating lists with useful links and write a few articles.

Please enjoy this site and I hope you find a few useful posts in here that will help you on your search for awesome material about Masters of the Universe, the greatest action figure series in the universe!


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