Fan Art

He-Man by Odinoir

Over the decades, past the last release of original MOTU art, the development of MOTU fan art has sprung up a niche in the digital art industry. Fresh interpretations of scenes and characters from the MOTU series are amongst many artist’s portfolios. I just love how people became inspired by the wealth of the original creation, to come up with beautiful re-designs.

Ranging from the modern digital art look, over comic styles, through to the more atrocious looking ones, there is something for almost everyone who would want to see some more imagery of their favourite action figure characters. I mean look at this He-Man by Odinoir, the barbarian comes across fiercely. The fact that he has his axe portrayed instead of his sword and the angry look on his face makes him stand out as the righteous man he is, who is about to clean up for good.

This section of the site hosts some of the art I adored the most on my search for new content. I endeavour to pay reference to the creators of the imagery at any time and at least link back to their respective sites and cite the sources of those images hosted on my site.

Artists who want to get in touch with me for hosting their MOTU images on my site, please contact me through the comment section on this site. If you happen to find any material that you are not happy with me showing here, let me know and I will rectify.

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