Other Fan Blogs


As I started researching MOTU resources online, I found lots of other fan sites, blogs, Facebook groups and similar. So here I am trying to link some of my favourite ones together.

Link Description
Battle Ram blog Battle Ram has some unique content, including interviews with original MOTU artists
Monster Brains blog Monster Brains collection of box art and poster images
DeviantArt  Lots of hand crafted fan art in here
Bustatoons blog  Bustatoons has a large blog archive over many years
Eternity War comic fan blog For those into the Eternity War comics
MOTU Movie For those into the 80s MOTU movie
Dark Horse A few links in there for MOTU art books
I have the power art A page from 2010 where MOTU fan art was displayed and for sale in a gallery
Why Stinkor smells A blog article explaining why Stinkor had that unique smell to him

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