Repair Guides


As I started collecting these figures to complete my childhood set, I realised that to get pristine condition ones I’ll have to fork out a small fortune, so I got interested in buying very decent ones instead. Sometimes they simply needed washing to get some old dust and grime off them.

Then I learned that the legs seem to be the most common problem in general for all figures. The rubber bands inside them simply wear out due to age and deterioration, which gives the figure loose legs and a wobbly stand.

I also discovered that some of my old collection was not in as good of a condition as I would have hoped. I remember playing battles with my primary school friend and he wrecked the Bashasaurus boulder arm and broke it off. We weren’t friends after that for much longer… It was quickly glued back together back then, but never really worked the same. There are ways though to replace the arm with another one, without leaving any traces.

This is what ultimately sparked my research into ways of fixing broken MOTU items. Luckily there are many toy collectors and professionals out there who have already shared many useful tips on how to restore damaged MOTU toys.

Repair Guides List

Link Description
Repair broken legs A nice guide from ToyPolloi on YouTube
Crotch rot removal A nice guide from ToyPolloi on YouTube
De-yellowing figures A nice guide from ToyPolloi on YouTube
Fix Bashasaurus’ boulder arm A Spanish guide with pictures, easy to follow
Fix Attak Trak and Dragon Walker motor Without breaking the body of the vehicles there is a way one can attempt to fix those motors
Collection of various fixes is an older fan site with a good collection of fix-it guides

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